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HRB Consulting LLC engages with clients by conducting Human Resources assessments to identify strengths and “soft spots”. We work with the senior management team to eliminate all short comings to align the human resources function with strategic plans and preparation for growth. Through partnership, we can sustain a compliant and effective organization without the high costs of labor and employment law firms or the need to employ full time human resources professionals. Litigation costs are extremely high and some governmental agencies are difficult to partner with to achieve a reasonable and fair resolution.


You do not know what you do not know.”  Using a methodical process to evaluate all the various human resources functions, we can determine those needing improvement or more attention to bring an organization into full compliance with federal and state laws.


Alignment is achieved through working with the organization to provide solutions which minimize exposure and maximize compliance. This may include preparing new material and assisting in the implementation of policies and procedures which are necessary in today’s complex business world.


On-going consultation is appropriate in many cases to ensure an organization remains compliant. We assist in the implementation of new programs and policies which are necessary due to growth and increased employee headcount. The larger the organization, the more complex human resources management becomes.


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